Pesumasin Bosch WGG254FISN

Pesumasin Bosch WGG254FISN

Pesumasin Bosch WGG254FISN

Pesumasin Bosch WGG254FISN

Pesumasin Bosch WGG254FISN
Pesumasin Bosch WGG254FISN
Pesumasin Bosch WGG254FISN

Pesumasin Bosch WGG254FISN

KM-ta: 548.36€
Kuumakse al. 21.88 EUR Tootja: Bosch
Tootekood: WGG254FISN
Saadavus: Küsi tarneaega


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Technical data

  • Energy class: A.
  • Laundry capacity: 10 kg.
  • Maximum drilling speed: 1400 rpm.
  • EcoSilence drive: quieter and longer-lasting motor. 10-year engine warranty.
  • Using the i-DOS automatic dosing system, laundry care will be maximally efficient.
  • Just fill the detergent and softener compartments once - the i-DOS sensors will determine the exact amount of detergent and water needed for each load with each wash.
  • In this way, detergent is saved and there is no need for additional rinsing.
  • AntiStain: reliably removes up to 4 common stains (blood, butter/oil, grass, red wine).
  • Hygiene Plus hygienic washing even at a temperature of 40°C.
  • With SpeedPerfect, you will reduce your washing time by up to 65%*.
  • Standard programs: washing cotton, easy care, delicate laundry, wool (hand type).
  • Iron Assist: a steaming program that reduces wrinkles in dry clothes.
  • Special programs: Automatic saving, Drum clean with reminder, Drain/Drilling, Quick/mixed laundry, Sports clothes, Single rinse, Super fast 15'/Super fast 30'.
  • Load laundry function: you can add additional laundry even after the washing cycle has started.
  • On the large LED screen, you will be able to see the readings of the program progress, temperature selection, maximum drilling speed, remaining time, 24 h time delay and charging recommendations.
  • XXL Drum volume: 70 l.
  • Usage Meter: Counts completed apps.
  • VarioDrum: gentle and efficient washing.
  • DrumClean drum cleaning function with reminder. 32 cm diameter opening for laundry, the door opens at an angle of 160°.
  • Reboot function, pause function.
  • ActiveWater Plus: load is detected automatically, so water is used extremely efficiently even at low loads.
  • Less vibrating design: a more stable and quieter device.
  • Multi-level protection against water leakage.
  • Recognition of the amount of foam.
  • Drum imbalance control.
  • Electronic child lock.
  • Energy consumption: 51 kWh - 100 cycles (Eco 40-60 program).
  • Noise level: 74 dB (A) re 1 pW.
  • Weighted water consumption, in liters per cycle (Eco 40-60 program): 50 l.
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 84.5x59.7x58.8 cm.
  • Depth of the device, including the door: 63.2 cm.
  • Depth of the appliance with the door open: 104.9 cm. 

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